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  • Friday Studio Visit

    William Powhida 
    Studio Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

    First: It’s been a hectic few weeks. London called, then getting back from London got in the way, and now #OccupyWallStreet has all but taken over my life. But more on all that later.

    Second: This post is primarily for you beautiful (mostly younger) strangers who are following me because Tumblr told you to. :) Thx Tumblr! Thx strangers! 


    William Powhida is well-read, intelligent and refreshingly friendly in person. In many ways, Bill is the reason I am here. He was one of the first artists I found on Twitter who was savvy and engaged in the contemporary art dialogue in New York. When an open call was put out for an think-tank style exhibition called #class (with his sometime collaborator Jennifer Dalton), I lept at the opportunity to participate. His openness to engage is inspiring, and his tireless quest to expose what he sees as the wrongs of the world is admirable.

    His work is often biting, cynical and heady. Which is usually not my thing, at all. But it is masked in friendly draftsmanship, with a color palette that is, to put it bluntly, easy on the eyes. This combination makes Powhida’s work like a masterful pop song, where the melody is sweet but the lyrics are dark and complex.

    His newest work continues his charting of power structures. From three works-in-progress I saw in his studio, they relate to the financial sector, the contemporary art world and ideological institutions. Powhida’s work is especially timely in light of the recent happenings at Liberty Plaza and around the country. 

    Needless to say, myself and a lot of others will be at his opening Oct 22

    More Powhida: 

    LONG LIVE THE 99%!!