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  • Walked by here on my way from a meeting. Wanted to stay and never leave. The specter of Occupy nowhere. For now.

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    Actually it’s probably going to The Hamptons but I get the point.

    From Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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  • Near Grand Central last night

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  • "We don’t know, but the people who control $5.6 trillion in US commercial bank savings deposits - certainly not the vast majority of the US population who have virtually no money saved up, but the true 1% - just decided to park the most cash on a week over week basis into their savings accounts in history."
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  • Love this idea.

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  • rebeccataylorny:

    Remembering this important day in our nation’s history through photos from the critically-acclaimed exhibition “September 11” at MoMA PS1 (2010), a show which left an indelible impact on my heart, my mind, and my soul.

    Photo credit (all photos):

    Installation view of “September 11” at MoMA PS1, 2011. Photo: Matthew Septimus.

    on september 11, 2001 i was at emerson college in boston. i had a class that morning, and this was before we knew everything instantly anywhere, so i didn’t find out about the attacks until after my class was over. the towers had already fallen. i remember watching a classmate walk up and down the block in sheer horror asking people what happened; he said his father worked there.

    after watching the news for a little on a big screen in the college cafeteria i left for the subway to go back to my apartment in brookline. everything was so quiet and everyone so shocked into a sort of befuddled silence. it was like a subway of ghosts. earlier that morning i had been listening to pet sounds. i pressed play on my discman and ‘god only knows’ started playing.

    i was wearing a navy blue vintage collared polyester shirt and light brown corduroys. 

    that day marked the death of my naive youth, and the beginning of a dark time in american foreign, domestic and economic policy. one that i have protested on and off over the years. hell i protested the afghanistan war for various reasons. yet a sustained “opposition” has never really been my style. on the surface this can look disingenuous, but only if one judges ones values by how big their protest sign is.

    last year i briefly committed the majority of my energy and spirit to occupy wall street. my involvement was a culmination of sorts. of things i’d been thinking without realizing it. of principles i’d conveniently forgotten about as my art career and more human concerns took precedence. it was reinvigorating to say the least. yet being arrested ultimately made me realize that within that particular protest model, even as progressive and innovative as it is/was, the state always wins. or rather the amount of sustained energy required for any such attempt is beyond my capacity. regardless the problematic component of that for me is that the focus wasn’t the state, per se, but rather the people and corporations (there is a difference) who profited so heavily off of financial destruction of individuals. plenty of economists and cultural pundits much smarter than myself have remarked on the severity of the issue of income disparity in this country. and as population growth models continue to show an increasingly complicated future, so do the issues surrounding the effects of peak oil. as does the notion that we have for so long considered resources to be infinite. again, smarter folks have spoken about it more eloquently, but, more or less capitalism itself depends on the very notion that resources are unlimited. this is highly problematic, to say the least.

    inevitably at this point in the conversation i am gripped by a certain helplessness about humanity’s plight. an existential crisis. in fact it happened just the other day in conversation with an artist friend of mine. luckily humor saved the day, as per usual.

    in any event, the progressions above (which are a cyclical thought spiral), have led me to believe that all i can do is attempt to live my own life as honestly and purely as possible. and as non-dogmatically, for that matter.

    the quote “be the change you you want to see in the world” as attributed to ghandi, apparently never existed as such. according to the new york times, the closest attributable ghandi quote is: “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a [hu]man changes his [or her] own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him [or her]. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

    yes. that.

    and to that end i could probably spend some time here talking about what it’s been like doing @occupyman for almost a year now. but i’ll leave that for another time. there’s other work to be done first.

    Which is in part why the Janet Cardiff piece pictured above effected me so much.

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  • Supporter counting #OWS #MayDay protestors marching on Broadway. Big numbers!

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  • Awoke from a Dream:

    Some kind of campus. Gender inequality different dorms being taken over by different genders created mass hysteria. Civil discourse was hurting development of a New Thought System and only creating further discontent. Tours were being given. I walked into a building that was women only and was kindly told they were asking men to leave. I was angry but left huffing and puffing saying that no solution made sense. There was a men only “dorm” or facility of some kind having the same problem. The women out front of the place I was leaving laughed and mockingly asked if I was going to join a tour. I felt as helpless as they seemed to. There was no progress being made, and progress through extended dialogues was disintegrating the human spirit. We were destined to fail. Designed to fail.

    This was related to a conversation I was having at a dinner party last night about gender but clearly tied in with thoughts I’ve been having about OWS. Some of which I expressed to a smaller part of that same group earlier in the night. They were largely unsympathetic to the Occupy cause. I found myself still outraged by the police brutality of Saturday night, mad that these folks were so casually disinterested, yet conflicted about my own involvement in the movement. A movement whose internal operators have been co-opted by people and forces that, to be frank, embarrass me. I found myself hedging. I will now seek to free myself from the hedge. Whatever that means. And in whatever form that takes.

    The take aways, if any:

    Democracy must be born by Force.

    Democracy must be born from Power.

    Democracy has no chance of survival.

    Democracy is not the endgame.

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  • "I saw police do everything they could to suppress our right to express ourselves and gather freely."
    And this is how the American Spring begins.
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  • "Our civilization is facing a radical, imminent mass change. The alternative to the hierarchical power structure is based on mutual aid and group consensus. As hackers we can learn these systems, manipulate these systems, and shut down these systems if we need to."
    Jeremy Hammond
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  • ATTN: #OWS

    Let it be stated here and now, that in whatever is left of our [economic] future, we will shake our heads at this.

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  • Love this. And it just gave me an idea. #OWS could create custom #OWS-themed chalk boxes (with real chalk inside!) to give out to protestors. Like functional micro empowerment with a message. And a reference to the first OWS arrest, which if I remember correctly was for writing on the sidewalk in chalk… 

    I’ve been thinking about OWS a lot (from the woods) lately. About my relationship to it, the public’s attention span, the larger “narrative.” Effect on the President’s State of the Union Address. Etc. Etc. Was excited to see the May 1st #OccupyChicago announcement. That could be very interesting indeed. Thinking about heading over there for it…


    Allora & Calzadilla take back public space and dialogue with chalk. Quickly confiscated by the police.

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  • "Despite their bleak performance this year, the nation’s top six banks paid out $144 billion in bonuses and compensation for 2011, second only to the record $147 billion they paid out in 2007 at the height of the economic boom."
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  • Kyle Bass on the current and future global socio-political-economic sitch…


    To wit: As an artist my primary job is to experience things. Then after I experience things, to think about them. Then after I think about them, to make “things” from these thoughts/experiences. Admittedly I’ve often skipped that “thinking” stage while giving preference to what I view as some sort of direct transference of vision to object (material or otherwise). It’s probably a hold out from my acting days where I didn’t want an intention or inspiration to get trapped in my head before I could express it externally. It’s also probably why I might occasionally accuse myself of being an anti-intellectualist. The brain can be a dangerous place to live when out of balance…

    Well, I’m in Wassaic, recalibrating…everything. Grateful to be here for three months. Away. Grateful to have a respite from financial pressures. Attempting to limit my tweets, status updates, posts, and general participation in the (echo) chamber while I give myself a chance to clear space to fill the well again. Though still very much absorbing and watching.

    Along those lines I saw a tweet recently from David Carson, who coincidentally acquired “$” (more on that in a future post). In the tweet he linked the above video. It’s rare to see someone speak so candidly, without any apparent political agenda. Yet ironically his agenda is overwhelmingly fiscally-minded. This line of thought got me thinking that looking to financial analysts such as Bass might not be such a bad idea. After all, if $ is our God, then in theory (at least) there is a larger pool of $-priests to study. But regardless of that line of thinking, this guy just seemed super smart and often, surprisingly humble.

    Ok on that note, back to not tweeting/posting/updating. 


    UPDATE: Didn’t realize embedding is disabled. Sorry about that. Out of my control. You can listen while you read, if you like. :)

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  • Word. Keep up the good work @DiceyTroop. And may the $20 I just contributed provide you another couple minutes of tweet time. :)


    After being up til 4 AM last night watching and tweeting about the evictions of Occupy LA and Occupy Philly, and then getting up at 5 AM to cover this morning’s actions, I woke up from an offset half-night’s sleep this afternoon to find that Rosie Gray had blogged my WePay page for the…

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