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  • 4th State, Day 5


    +time, Paper  (0 +1), Final State

    “Since time itself is not movement, it must somehow have to do with movement. Time is initially encountered in those entities which are changeable, change is in time.”

    Martin Heidegger - The Concept of Time

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    The last couple days I’ve been helping build out the large two-column polystyrene sculpture (click “Read More” above to see it!). It’s been a ton of fun, to say the least. I forgot how great it is to get so close with someone else’s work, to breathe like it breathes, to listen like it listens.

  • kiangaellisprojects:

    Installation Views: General Howe, Nursery, 2013. Acrylic on wall, crib, changing station, table, diaper pail, diapers, baby clothes, formula, baby toys, baby wipes & baby skin care products. Dimensions Variable. Edition of 3.


  • breannetrammell:

    I <3 Pinball!!! 

    My friend Taryn donated to the kickstarter last year, and she (along with all of the friendly folks at Pinball!) was an amazing host for a day when I parked at Pinball Publishing in Portland, OR. About a month before the trip, Pinball asked if I wanted to make a Scout Book for the project, and I jumped on it—they generously donated 500 “Nails. For All.” books… so everyone who receives a manicure on the trip also gets this rad little nail-tivities book. It’s full of nail tips, activities, and inspiring messages. 

    Check out Scout Books here!


    We hosted artist Breanne Trammell’s incredible Nails Across America project at our shop this week. Nails Across America is part of Nails in the Key of Life, Breanne’s experiential art project using manicures as a forum for exchanging ideas, conversation, and collecting oral histories. Breanne is traveling all over the U.S. this summer in a 1968 Shasta Compact trailer, which has been transformed into a really rad mobile nail salon.

    Check out her schedule to see if she’s coming to a city near you, and follow along with her project here. More photos from the day, and of the Scout Books she created with designer Clara Mulligan, can be found in this Flickr set.

    So glad I got a MAN-icure from Breanne when she was in town. Love this project. And she has been super active on Instagram and Vine (and probably elsewhere) documenting the project. Very cool.

  • mrhopthescissor:

    Chris Moss, Visually Similar Images, 2012, screen captures of image results from an image search for each painting from my last series of 70 paintings.


  • James Wagner 

    I’m kind of obsessed with this photo and its colors / composition.

    From the photographer: 

    The “pond”, of which only a part is shown above, is actually a flooded (and abandoned?) construction site in Williamsburg, at the SE corner of Berry and N 12 St.. A pair of ducks, and some weeds waving in the breeze, supplied the only movement seen that afternoon.

    Happy Monday! :)

  • sympathyfortheartgallery:

    by Jesse Eric Schmidt
    Public Action, Object
    2 hours, 5”x3”x1”

    I buy items for a potential arrangement & immediately get a refund for them.

    Hm the receipt says 1/10/10 so it would appear this work is actually from 2010? I mean, not to split hairs. More curious then anything else. Anyone know the deal?

  • moredarkthanshark:

    The Visual Art Of Brian Eno: Light And Time, a Red Bull Music Academy Film - In this film, Eno examines the themes that inform and inspire his particular vision of light and time manipulation; shot with RGB+D cameras and featuring the New York exhibit of 77 Million Paintings

    "Here I am."

    (via notational)

  • Violet Oakley
    Study for Divine Law
    c. 1917 

  • Yann Pocreau, today at Residency Unlimited (curated by my fiancée aka Jodi Waynberg aka the jam)

  • Adrián Villar Rojas @MoMAPS1 #EXPO1

  • Your Waste of Time | Olafur Eliasson @ PS1 for #EXPO1

  • Looking up a Sol LeWitt at Brooklyn Museum. The older I get the more I like these…

  • Abyss, Doris Salcedo (via)