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  • Group Portrait, Flux Factory. 10/11/10

    This is the first of what I hope will be many Monday night photos of the current artists/collaborators involved with the LIC-based collective.

    Back row, left to right: Ginger Shulick, Georgia Muenster, Douglas Paulson, Carolina Redondo, Chess Venis, Matthew Nye
    Front row: Katrine Malinovsky, Kristoffer Ørum, Jean Barberis, Janne Höltermann, Rebecca Ann Tess, Angela Washko, Man Bartlett

  • #24hCycle

    #24hCycle at Flux Factory, August 13th - 14th

    What do the news and laundry have in common? Probably nothing! But we’ll be tasked to see how the two play together…over the course of 24 hours in August.

    #24hCycle is envisioned as an absurdist summer party, a communal laundry washing experience, and a reading/discussion of the most up to the second news. It’s an excuse to do laundry. An opportunity to become sickly saturated in the news. A reason to come to Long Island City to hang out/party/eat/drink in Flux Factory’s still raw-ish gallery space before the more “serious” gallery openings in Chelsea in September. 

    You are cordially invited to attend, with no obligation to participate, at any time during the performance. For any duration. Notes will be taken. Laundry will be aired and hung to dry, accumulating in the gallery space around us. Arguments will be lost and won. Our comforts may be met with discomforts, and vice versa. Our private articles of clothing will be made public, and public news articles will be made personal.

    For those who cannot be there in person, a live feed will be streamed, and developing interactions will be encouraged online at

    You may also bring clothing/laundry that you’d like to get rid of; I’ll be donating it to a local organization in need. Some refreshments/libations will be provided, but you’re encouraged to BYO: Laundry, Laptop, Beverages.

    What: #24hCycle
    Where: Flux Factory (directions)
    When: Friday, August 13th - Saturday August 14th 

    New York based artist Man Bartlett creates performance-based works that take one task to the extreme for an extended period of time, while encouraging dynamic physical and virtual participation. These performances have been in diverse locations, such as a Best Buy, Winkleman Gallery, a former factory building in New Jersey, PPOW Gallery, and The Whitney Museum. He is also currently an artist-in-residence at Flux Factory, in Long Island City, Queens, New York. More info on him here.

  • Flux Factory is throwing a party tomorrow (Saturday) night, and you’re invited! I had the original idea that we needed a summer party, but other Fluxers have stepped up so far to make sure we rock it. And rock it will. Hope to see you there!

    More info here:

  • On Resurrecting Silence

    So after a busy few months* I have the next month and a half to silence my self promotion and just listen to the pulse. To quietly create work without having to announce it in a seemingly nonstop stream of tweets and Facebook announcements. Maybe you don’t mind, maybe you do. Either way…

    But before that, thanks to everyone who came out for the opening for Systema Mundi, and to those who stopped by during gallery hours. It’s open another weekend (i.e. through April 11th). Stop by Saturday or Sunday b/t 12-3pm or make an appointment for anytime. I’m proud of it—not too shabby of a first NY solo show, if I do say so myself.

    Oh, and this Thursday at around 9pm (dinner at 8), as part of Flux Thursday at Flux Factory, I’ll be doing a short performance called iShoot. Here’s a description: “An indispensable technological device will be martyred.”


    * Since January 7th: Systema Mundi, #class, Brucennial, Housebroken, #Inpermatweet, X-Initiative, #Theseus, 24h Best non-Buy…

  • Systema Mundi Opens Tomorrow

    As I write this (Wednesday night), I’m still waiting for the floor to dry, and have some errands to run before I can begin to install and finish curating the show.  

    It’s listed on ARTCAT here, and the original Tumblr post is here. I’ve also been listed as an editor’s pick on artcards. Very cool. And a big communal thanks to all the Twitter RTs. …So blessed and grateful.

    Hope to see you tomorrow! P.S. FB event invite is here, you’re invited! 

  • On Working Harder


    So I just read up on Alexa Meade, who has gotten a ton of press recently. Which is super awesome. As it turns out, she is in a group show with William Powhida (and others) at Postmasters a week from today. Again, awesome. Except that the opening (April 2nd) is the same night as my opening at Flux Factory.

    Why am I blogging about this? Well, at first I saw this as a threat, but after a few brief moments of feeling like a victim, I began thinking about what (more) I want to create. What I want and have to say. And just like that four new ideas for projects came to me. If they ever go anywhere is not the point. They are good ideas. There IS room, if I make it. I share this because part of this empowerment I gained from attending panels and events at #class over the past month.* I also want there to be a certain level of transparency in my life, my studio practice, and my career.

    Earlier tonight I caught up on some of the recent Jerry Saltz FB threads on Artists and what we “CAN’T AVOID DOING” (caps are Saltz’s). That what we do is “HELPLESS AND UNAVOIDABLE.” And in order to be a [great] artist, we must give up EVERYTHING. Saltz is quoting/paraphrasing Jasper Johns here to great personal affect. The majority of the comments confirmed just that for me.


    Regardless of who shleps to Long Island City for Systema Mundi on Friday, I will be there. Working. I will put on the greatest possible show I can put on. With the best work I have. There are always too many things going on at the same moment in this city. But honestly, part of me is bummed I can’t also be at Postmasters on Friday.

    A few months ago I made a resolution to myself to be the hardest working artist under 30. I am putting my faith that behind that hard work is something to say. I will let others be the judge of that. But you can rest assured that I am here. Working. Blessed. Full of Joy. Willing and grateful to dedicate my life to this. For you, for me, and for EVERYTHING. Because I have to.  


    More on #class soon. I’m still gathering my bigger picture thoughts on the show. It’s a very large bag with mixed emotions. Most of them extremely positive.

  • Systema Mundi

    Systema Mundi
    systema mundi, ink on paper, 2009-2010

    Systema Mundi
    April 2nd - April 11th
    Opening Reception: Friday April 2nd, 6-9pm
    Flux Factory (map)

    When I was a little child,
    and dwelling in my kingdom…

    Systema Mundi, an exhibition of drawings, installation and pyrography by Man Bartlett, will open Friday, April 2nd, from 6pm-9pm at Flux Factory, in Long Island City.

    The work in this show includes a “circle drawing” in which thousands of small circles are tightly clustered, and form a rectangle. From a distance it appears as a solid mass, but closer inspection reveals a chaotic yet ordered composition.

    A pyrography piece consists of small burned dots which appear to create or mimic the pattern of the grain of the wood beneath them. And in direct opposition to these maximalist tendencies lies a minimalist earth and water installation, sourced from in and around the Flux Factory building.

    This juxtaposition of means is of critical interest to the artist, whose work often deals with the union of paradoxes from within a wide spectrum of art history and human experience.

    The show title is taken from the Carl Jung drawing Systema mundi totius, and follows Bartlett’s 2008 spiritus mundi and 2009’s transmission.

    A multi-disciplinary artist, Man most recently created a 24 hour group performance for the show #class at Winkleman Gallery. His work has been written about on Hyperallergic, James Wagner, theartblog and “fresh linked” by Art Fag City. An artist in residence at Flux Factory, this is Bartlett’s first solo show in New York. He received a BA in Theatre from Emerson College in 2003, and is the son to figurative painter Bo Bartlett.

    Opening Reception:
    Friday April 2nd, 6pm-9pm

    Gallery Hours:
    Saturdays and Sundays, 12pm-3pm and by appointment, through April 11th
    * A special performance will be held April 8th at 8pm, as part of Flux Thursday


  • Housebroken @Flux_Factory

    Hi friends, if you haven’t heard already, it’s tomorrow! I’ll be tweeting as @Flux_Factory (and Man too probably). Use #Housebroken to follow along if you’d like. More info at

    Also, exciting news that I can’t quite announce yet. Soon. Lots more soon. Been busy in the world, not that I have a lack of things to Tumblrize, just haven’t made the time to tumble them… Thanks and big love!

  • Review and Lots More!

    My work at X-Initiative’s BYOA show got a mention here:

    The take-away line for me is that my “art is pure in concept, form and beauty…” Which is good to hear from the outside because that’s exactly what I strive and work so hard for from the inside. I’m grateful for the encouragement.

    And thank you all for the support. More soon! More more! Google Buzz Twitter FB Tumblr Ahhhh. Oh, and I’m still doing the Brooklyn Museum’s 1stfans feed. Got a nice mention about it on Flux Factory’s Housebroken show is right around the corner. I’m doing a sound installation for it. Watch out. April 2nd solo show here too. Powhida and Dalton’s #class. And more! Including one thing I can’t announce yet and one potential thing I also can’t announce. How’s that for a teaser. One of my goals for 2010 is to be the hardest working artist under 30. How am I doing?