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    Great news! Filip Noterdaeme’s Homeless Museum of Art (HOMU) will be on the Highline for five consecutive Tuesdays this summer. Sadly, the director has announced this will be the final season of The Director Is In. Sitting down for a session with the director gets my highest recommendation!

    From the HOMU website:

    Photo Caption: Director Noterdaeme and Florence Coyote at the HOMU Booth in Chelsea, NYC
    Photo Credit: Daniel Isengart
    HOMU ON the High Line

    In celebration of the third anniversary and final season of The Director Is In, HOMU’s unauthorized public residence UNDER the High Line, Director Noterdaeme has been invited to present his notorious interactive HOMU Booth performance series ON the High Line for a limited amount of time.
    The HOMU Booth will be set up on the section directly above 23rd Street and open to receive visitors on five consecutive Tuesdays from 5 PM to 9:30 PM only! Sessions are free, first come, first serve.
    No reservations.

    Tuesday, June 26
    Tuesday, July 3 
    Tuesday, July 10 
    Tuesday, July 17 
    Tuesday, July 24 
    In case of rain, outings are moved to the following Wednesday.

    DO THIS.

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