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    I’m currently a virtual artist-in-residence for Residency Unlimited, and as part of that, I have a question for you! 

    What kind of art do you make, and why?

    1. aamirhabib answered: I am a sculpture and work in lots of different materials.. and my country political situations really inspires me to comment on it.
    2. libbsnette answered: I make any type of art that I attempt. I do it because it makes me happy.
    3. naylandblake answered: The only kind I can: episodic and purgative. I do it because it feels like nothing else, and at the end I know something about myself.
    4. ssli answered: i make penguen cause they are my best animals
    5. materialsandmovement answered: Collaborative art. Also art that combines the visual and textual.
    6. mollegade05 answered: COPY art, i have my own copy machine, and thus i use any and all visuals to create NEW
    7. composed-curiosity answered: Incorporating graphic design, painting, and printmaking all in one.
    8. xander-vincini answered: My life is a work of art, and i say that with the fact that now with social media it is possible to become a work of art yourself, an icon.
    9. christiandcraig answered: I like making instinctual, primal pieces. I like the immediacy of it, probably because I went to school to write.
    10. belkiruyadir answered: ı don’t know maybe plastic art.
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    13. atmospharisch answered: Oil paintings using clouds as imagery as a way of bridging the gap between abstraction and representation. Pastels/charcoal as well.
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    17. landsds answered: Photography and abstracts
    18. ravensnest333 said: Most often, oil paintings or sketches. I find it therapeutic, and self-educating. I like to create social/mathematical quandary, using surrealism and abstract. I do it for me, and hope that others may be entertained in the process.
    19. boggypeak answered: Mixed Media! Enjoy the fact there are no limitations and there is such a wide variety of ways to blend mediums.
    20. danimuhle answered: I do mainly paintings, because I found out I’m actually pretty good. I also want to inspire others to create their soul’s masterpiece.
    21. wrenfriender answered: friends and why not?
    22. artcomingoutofmyfists answered: Digital collage, video, sculpture with found objects and installation. I’ve worked with them separately, merging all of them made sense.
    23. orbmanelson answered: Kind=Multimedia, Why= Brainsparks and discovery plus communication of ideas always!
    24. reptile-bae answered: i majoring in jewelry because it’s something i’ve never experienced before. learning how to manipulate metal is alluring.
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    26. brocatus answered: I do whatever I feel like because I want to be able to do what ever I feel like and I do. Mostly boring collages and writing over magazines.
    27. pepinobuena answered: I make art because it makes me happy
    28. r-marchant answered: I make art in order to explore and answer questions I have about the world. I don’t use a single medium, my work is consdiered ‘conceptual’.
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    31. always-climbing answered: Music. Because I like it.
    32. feita-atrapalhada answered: I love making paintings on objects, walls, fabrics, wood, and I know patchwork decoupage techniques mdf, dances and theater pieces. Influence
    33. p0ky answered: I’m a performance artist, because actions are the only thing real to care for, the only “things” that really intervenes other’s reality.
    34. pauliequixotic answered: I knit objects for warmths and protections. no patterns free style one of a kinds.
    35. salvatoregaetanochiarella answered: Urina
    36. aaronbrumbelow answered: I use the medium of photography to talk to our relationships with virtual spaces b/c I’m intrigued with my own relationships thru interfaces.
    37. celerybear answered: I do sketches and graphite life drawings. I love character design and being able to capture the essence of a person through sketches.
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