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  • residencyunlimited:

    Dear Blessing,

    Thank you for your email! And for being interested in me! You seem really cool. I believe this is the start of something very special. In regards to your special request, will a Tumblr post suffice? I would love to see your pictures.

    Other things about me? Well, I’m 31 years old, I’m 5’6”, dirty blond hair and blue eyes, around 145 pounds. ;) Or do you use the metric system? hahah. Oh and I’m an artist.

    Ok I look forward to hearing back from you!!!


    P.S. Feel free to tell your friends they can also reach me at that same email address: I can also be reached on twitter. And more places coming soon. Like Pinterest and Etsy.

    My first email to my special Residency Unlimited email address! (ICYMI)