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  • Angela Washko in her studio at Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY. 

    I first met Angela when she arrived at Flux Factory from Troy, NY about a year ago-ish. She dove right in and has been one of the busiest bees I know: Organizing panels, exhibitions, creating/exhibiting her own work, working for Flux as the Residency Coordinator, working other odd jobs, and who knows what else I’m forgetting. I find this multi-pronged approach spirited and inspiring. Every time I see another event reminder it lights a little fire under my ass. 

    I had planned on writing a lot more, and there’s a lot more to say! But in the interest of time, just head over to her site: Oh, and I told her to make a Tumblr account to post one of these a day. Here’s to hoping she takes me up on that! 

    Also of note, one of here videos was recently featured on Rhizome. Win. 

    P.S. Sorry for the wayyyy belated Studio Visit Friday post! Too much going on in Manland.

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