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    September 13 – 7 Notes
    #numbers station
  • bitforms:

    Installation continues “Prosody: WSB” by R. Luke Dubois based on a William S. Burroughs reading of “Junkie.”

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  • jhnmclghln:

    Saw this at Tumblr today with daninewman samcannon and soulfulsock

    Oh hello!

    Also, those are my collages in the black frame on the top right. Thanks tumblr!

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    September 11 – 125 Notes
    #case study
  • heathwest:

    Matias Faldbakken
    Fashioned by Slavery and Concrete Crate, 2012


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  • tapist:

    Hélio Oiticica - Grande Núcleo (Grand Nucleous).

    NC 3, NC4, NC6 - 1960-66.

    Photo: César Oiticica Filho.  

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