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  • Mysteries
    Oleg Buloshkin
    on unique photoelectronic synthesizer ANS
    ca. late 1960’s

  • kickstarter:

    There are so many projects on Kickstarter. Every day someone will send us one and be like, “Did you see this?” and we’ll look at it and be like, “No, but this is incredible.” It’s sort of like walking down the same street every day and noticing a cool new thing every single time. To help us (and you) keep abreast of all these great projects, we thought we’d start highlighting specific categories and sub-categories in offbeat combinations. Look out for future installments featuring dogs that like to row boats, dogs in space, cats in wallets, wallets in space, and row boats full of wallets. Just kidding. Maybe? This week we’re taking a look at DIY electronics.

  • Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998)
    Steam, for ANS synthesizer (ca. 1969)

  • instagram-research:

    Very excited about my new acquisition, a Marimo ball! It’s a kind of algae that grows into a giant ball. Apparently putting them in seltzer stimulates growth!! Plant after my own heart!! by picnic_area

    New life

    (via kchayka)

  • notational:


    This is one of my fovourite online projects. It’s called Every Icon. It’s just a grid of 32 by 32 squares that can be either on or off, black or white. It started in 1997 by John F. Simon Jr, and is going through every combination of on and off. Earth will be swallowed by the sun before it finishes. But let’s say somehow the internet survives, and the project keeps going, by the time it finishes, just by mindless combination it will draw a portrait of you… it will write sentences about your future… it will paint something that looks like the mona lisa… 

    Great project.


  • Samuel Beckett
  • "…[W]here I am, I don’t know, I’ll never know, in the silence you don’t know, you must go on, I can’t go on, I’ll go on."
  • prostheticknowledge:


    Multi-speaker performance sound system allows sound to be arranged spatially within an area. Made up of sixteen pillars (with three multidirectional speakers each) as well as the whole floor area emitting audio, sound can be given a much richer physical positioning - video (put together by Ableton) embedded below:

    4DSOUND produces moving sound images, in an unlimited spatial continuum.

    4DSOUND enables you to walk through space and experience sound from all directions. Sound seems to hover in space – like a phantom. Sounds move around, above, beneath and in-between the listeners. Led by your ears, you’re encouraged to explore the space. You can move between blocks of sound, touch lines of sound and walk through walls of sound.

    4DSOUND invites you to lose orientation and transcend the actual space you’re in. Sounds can seem intimately close as if whispered in your ear – or floating afar on the distant horizon. Sounds can circle around your head like a flock of birds, or twirl in the air like feathers.

    4DSOUND charges, conducts and explodes energies in space. You’re not only hearing sound, but experiencing it – as a manifestation of physical momentum.

    More Here

    [h/t: starsstripesandeverythingnice]

  • #Selfiot with the brothers.

  • Celebrating the life of my little brother Eliot in the way he would have loved, with a #Selfiot. #RIP

  • staff:

    Net neutrality pins. The picket signs you can wear on your shirt.

    Get yours today.

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  • manbartlett:


    What is the most effective form of protest?

    Your responses have been super interesting. Keep ‘em coming! I’ll compile them all into one post later today/tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time.

    Meant to do this the other day. Thanks to everyone who responded ( fabeeklicious, monsieurted, moonshine-chivalry, jafrancis, mikelemmen, kenyatta, montzuni, & painting-with-pencils ). 

    Are there any opinions missing from this? 

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