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  • The God of Mischief has been busy.


    We had tons of press at a recent exhibition opening.

    At the same time, in another part of the museum, we discovered that the galleries were flooding.

    While the press were covering the show opening in one wing, we were secretly evacuating 2 others full of objects, including loans, before they could be damaged.

    But also without drawing any attention to ourselves with a hoard of reporters and cameras just meters away. 

    And after it was all resolved: 

    Call me alarmist but…


  • enriquefigueredo:

    One week from today go see American Monarchy at Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space. My first solo exhibition in NYC. Feel free to share and here is the mandatory Facebook event.

    Bad Bitch 2, woodcut, silkscreen, hand coloring on paper, 41 x 29 inches, 2014

  • manbartlett:

    For the past couple weeks, every time I’m mentioned or followed on Twitter my bedroom light* goes on or off. You can also control it by using the hashtag #YouLightMe, or by following or mentioning me on

    Tonight and/or tomorrow I’ll try to livestream me trying to sleep overnight. Though heads up it can take up to 15 minutes to trigger the light. That’s cuz I’m using this integrated with this. And the latter has restrictions. 

    The performance will end when the light burns out or sometime on/around September 27th.

    I’ll post a link to the livestream if/when that happens and link to it from my website. And after it’s over a link to the spreadsheet that’s logged the toggles.

    Ok, enjoy! :)

    P.S. H/T to my brother Will for sending me a link to the WeMo a couple months ago. 

    *Full disclosure: The gif above is my new bedroom at VCCA, an artist residency in Virginia where I’ll be for the next month.

    Flashback Friday…

  • saic:

    When Life Becomes an Instrument of Art

    When: Friday, October 17 2014, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
    Location: MC 1307
    112 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL

    Artist Oron Catts is world renowned for his experiments at the intersection of art and biology, utilizing life itself as a medium for exploring ontological questions. Producing provocative works in collaboration with scientists including a tissue engineered steak and a ‘victimless’ leather jacket, his pioneering work in Tissue Culture and Art helped define what biological art would become. As a co-founder of the artistic laboratory SymbioticA, Catt’s has helped enable more than 60 projects by international artists, writers, theorists, and scientists, pushing the boundaries of art-scientific practice.   

    In this talk at SAIC, Catts will discuss how humans’ relationship with the idea of life is going through some radical shifts; from the sub-molecular to the planetary. This dramatic redefinition in cultural understanding of what life is calls for the urgent need to scrutinize and articulate the crisis of sustainability and the treatment of the (nonhuman) other.

     Catts will present his own work using tissue culture as an artistic medium, as well as some of the strategies and projects that artists at SymbioticA have employed to deal with life as both a raw material and an ever-contestable subject of manipulation.

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    No thanks

    no you’re welcome :)

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  • Reasons for abstraction



  • infinipede:


    meanwhile in 1997 these cutting edge internet themed crayons were born



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  • bitforms:

    Our next exhibition will be with Addie Wagenknecht! “Shellshock” opens Nov. 2nd


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    welcome to art school

    7) I am awesome

    8.) Let’s all be awesome together.

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